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The Best Cheap 3d Printer I Could Find…

Hey Jeremy here,

If you are looking around for a cheap 3d printer then I’m glad you found this website and I suggest you keep reading.

In this blog post I want to share with you the best cheap 3d printers I came across looking for an affordable 3d printer. I can assume you have a lot of questions, just like I did.

Is the quality of the printed objects high enough? Or what about installation or customer service? Can I start up without any technical knowledge? Will I be able to assemble a 3d printer kit at home? What If it goes wrong? Can I get help? Am I going to get the best value and service for my money? Also, could I start a business with a 3d printer? Et cetera…

I think I have found some great and relatively “cheap” 3d printers that cost somewhere between 100 to 600 bucks, which require minimal assembly, basic technical skills to operate and that apperently have a good customer service.

It took a while to gather all this info and I hope it saves you heaps of time and helps you make a wise purchase decision.

Side note: these relatively cheap 3d printers aren’t suitable to start a 3d printing business in my opinion. At this moment (in the evolution of 3d printing on the global market) I have come to realize that you should outsource 3d printing if you want to market a 3d printed product.

The quality of an industrial 3d printer is by far better and you don’t have to manage technical details. This in turn gives you more time for building up your company and finding customers and keeping us happy.

I also found this information that teaches people how to identify niches and start a 3d printing business at home without having to own a 3d printer. Click here if you want to learn more about setting up a home based 3d printing business.

Top 5 Cheap 3d printers 2014

Before we dive in to the top 5 I would like to manage some expectations.

To be clear, buying a 3d printer for around $500 is precisely what you expect it is. It’s not (yet?) possible to get the highest quality at this (very) low price point. But if you are a patient person, kind of like a DIY type, you can tune the machines to perform much better.

However, if you are more of an entrepreneurial type and don’t want to deal with all the technical and computer issues I suggest you also check this out.

Anyway, moving on to the finding of your affordable 3d printer…

Let’s start with number 5.

#5 – The Peachy Printer

The Peachy Printer is the cheapest 3d printer I found on the internet. It has just been funded on and can only be pre-ordered at the time of this writing. Expected delivery date is somewhere between March and June 2015.

As you can see in the short video above the quality is really low but this printer is really, really cheap. The kit costs $100 CAD. It can also be delivered assembled but this costs $400 CAD.

The Peachy Printer has more of an educational value and the printing method is really unique and fascinating.

#4 – M3D The Micro 3d printerThe-Micro-3D-Printer-Silver Cheap 3d printer

The Micro is a consumer 3D printer that is designed to be incredibly intuitive, easy to own and seamless. This is also a Kickstarter project (yes, another one) but this one looks much better than the Peachy Printer and the quality of the prints are much better.

The expected delivery date is February 2015 and it costs $349. This is supposed to be for a limited time, hopefully it won’t pass the $500 mark in the near future.

The people at M3D promise a maintenance free printer that is really easy to use at work or for fun. It also has auto leveling and auto calibration. All this to make it more consumer friendly and accessible to everybody.

As you can see it’s a sexy little machine.

#3 – RepRap Prusa i2 3D Printer Kit

RepRap Prusa Mendel i2 cheap 3d printerIt is really hard to find decent and complete assembled units for around $500. The RepRap Prusa i2 kit contains everything you need to build your own open source 3d printer at home. This kit is hardcore DIY. If you don’t want to assemble a 3d printer yourself then you can skip reading about this one. Patience, mechanical and computer skills are needed for success.

RepRap has a great reputation and free customer service that will help you set up your kit. There are also lots of resources for this machine on line so for anyone curious just google RepRap. It retails at $599.

Once you get it working the quality is great and it will have been a great learning experience.

In short, this is a great 3d printer to start with and the customer service is exceptional. It does retail at $599 and it’s a great buy but you have to assemble everything yourself. That’s why the RepRap Prusa i2 deserves the 3rd place on this list.

More info? or read more reviews on

#2 – XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3d Printer

What I really like about the XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 is that you can buy it today on Amazon and that it was designed and built to be safe for home. Especially if you have little kids playing and running around.

It is a Japanese machine with some poor translations but nothing that basic common sense can’t work around.

At $499 retail it’s a decent machine to start with.

Some people don’t like that it’s a closed system, meaning that you can in example only use XYZprinting filament cartridges. There are ways to spoof this so you can use the filament of your choice.

Click here for more info about the XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0

#1 – Printrbot Assembled Simple MetalPrintrbot Cheap 3d printer

The Printrbot Simple Metal looks and feels pretty solid. It comes with everything needed to setup and running quickly, even some filament to get started. This 3d printing machine is great for beginners and a high quality piece of kit for more experienced users.

It is a bit more expensive then some of the before mentioned models but it has the right balance between price and convenience. No assembly required and little calibration to begin with. Retail price is $599.

Overall this is a great 3d printer for the money you pay for it, it prints great right out of the box.

Some people have had some issues with getting Windows to recognize this machine. Others have had problem with the hardware itself.

No matter what the issues they are all satisfied with Printrbot’s customer service. The support resources (not live) from Printrbot are quite detailed and helpful. This is why this Printrbot is number 1 on this list.

More info? or click here to read more reviews on

That’s all folks…

I hope you found this article useful and that it helps you find your first or next 3d printer.


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