Rewriting The Story of Stuff with Nature’s Ideas and a Cheap 3D Printer

Below you can read how a cheap 3d printer and nature’s ideas can completely change the way we make and market things. Also you can see a speech by Janine Benyus, in this video she discusses the potential of 3d printing, especially as related to biomimicry, and how biomimicry can help shape the 3D printing revolution.

3D printing technology truly is a revolution

Most of the waste from our manufacturing processes actually comes from subtracting. Most tools today are tools for cutting and grinding to take away material from a bulk. That’s why there is so much waste. Life doesn’t do that. Life builds up to shape.

3D printers give us to ability to build up to shape. To build something up layer by layer. That’s why 3D printing is also called additive manufacturing.

This also gives us the ability to put different 3d printing materials in different layers. This enables us to put very intricate structures within a product or material.

Manufacturing at home. This is a huge revolution for the (circular) economy. In this economy anybody can become a 3d printing company.

It won’t be long before we can print for example sneakers. Designs will be crossing the globe, not the actual end products. This eliminates the need for transport and the needed energy to do this. No transport, no emissions at no extra costs. Market places for 3d printing designs and customization will start to emerge everywhere.

Continuous improvement

On an industrial level 3D printing is now is slow and highly energy demanding. The materials also have to be improved and made more sustainable. This is changing rapidly though.

So let’s get involved and join this movement, even buildings are being printed today.

The cost of 3d printers and materials are coming down fast. You can surely find a cheap 3D printer that fits your budget.

But first look at the video above and see how 3D printing inspired by nature can revolutionize the story of stuff.