About me

foto-19_optHi, Jeremy here.

Thanks for checking out my webpage.

I’m a sustainability adviser by day at one of Europe’s largest airports. By night I love to build websites about things that interest me. I love to review products and books. Also I have some websites and a love for e-commerce and blogging.

3D printing is, I believe, the future and it’s already here today. Production has shifted straight to your living room. Also on sustainability 3D printing will have a huge impact. This will be part of the circular economy.

Some people call me an internet entrepreneur. Personally I don’t like that word. For me it’s more about having fun, a hobby that’s kind of getting out of control.

I started to look for a cheap 3d printer not just for hobby but also to see if I could start a business with it. Wouldn’t that be just great? Making some money while having fun making cool things and websites?

I started this site because I figured other people (I mean YOU) might also be interested in the things I have come across in my own personal search for a cheap 3D printer for fun and business purposes.

My sites so far are:

Thanks for visiting my site! Hope you find the information useful.

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